Prince Edward Classic

Join us this weekend at the Delta Prince Edward for the Prince Edward Classic!!  Our competition will feature some of the best athletes from across Atlantic Canada.

Admission (Cash only)

Adults:  $5.00, Children: $3.00, Pre-school: free

Competitions run (Full Schedule Here):

Friday, January 20

Session 1-Warm-up 8:30 am, Session 2-Warm-up 12:30 pm, Session 3-Warm-up 5:30 pm

Saturday, January 21

Session 4-Warm-up 8:30 am, Session 5-Warm-up 12:30 pm, Session 6-Warm-up 4:30 pm

Sunday, January 22

Session 7-Warm-up 8:00 am

Live Scoring

Full Results

Hope to see you there!!!!

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Our gymnasts made us very proud at the Titans Invitational this weekend! We had lots of podium finishes and a great start to the competitive season.

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Argo 4: Solen Trainor 1st on Floor

Tyro 4: Meredith Morgan 3rd All Around

Novice 4: Lexi Schurman 3rd All Around

Tyro 5: Ella Drake 3rd All Around

Argo 6: Victoria Covey 1st All Around

Novice 6: Grace Potter 1st All Around, Ida Christensen 3rd AA

Argo 7: Emma King 1st All Around, Chloe Arsenault 2nd All Around

Tyro 7: Lucy Kirby 1st AA, Lilly Chappell 2nd AA, Charlotte Thompson 3rd AA

Tyro 8: Sophie Mayne 1st All Around

Novice 8: Karisa Quinn 3rd All Around


Level 4 under 12: Ethan Arsenault 1st AA, Trent McClure 2nd AA, Trent Quinn 1st on High Bar

Level 3 under 12: Gabriel Ing 2nd AA, Josh Hammill 3rd AA, Leland Morgan 1st Rings

Elite 2: Jaycob Frank 1st AA, Ryan Dwyer 2nd AA

Level 1 under 8: Elliot Landry 3rd AA

Level 1 under 10: Ben Simpson 1st AA, Ethan Mayne 2nd AA

Level 1 under 12: Kip Morris 1st High Bar

Full Results


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Titans Logo

Good Luck to our athletes and coaches travelling to Dartmouth, NS this weekend to compete at the Titans Invitational!!!  Have a great competition!!

Titans Invitational 2017 Competition Schedule

Results will be posted when available.

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Due to current conditions, the Island Gymnastics Academy will remain closed for the rest of the day (Sunday, Jan 8).  ALL CLASSES ARE CANCELLED!!

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Due to weather, we will be delaying opening until 2:30 pm with a further announcement at 1:00 pm.  All classes which start prior to 2:30 pm are cancelled.

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Due to weather conditions, the Island Gymnastics Academy is delaying opening until noon with a further announcement at 11:00 am regarding afternoon and evening classes.

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All classes scheduled from 3:30 pm on will proceed as normal (Wednesday, January 4).

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