Girls Competitive

Women’s Competitive Program Director – Shelley Ferguson

Shelley has over 30 years of coaching experience, is a Provincial Level judge and a member of the provincial Women’s Technical Committee. She is fully certified NCCP Level 3 with additional Level 2 certification in Trampoline Gymnastics.  She has coached many provincial, regional and national athletes over the years.  She was a team PEI coach for Elite Canada, National Championships and Canada Games.  Shelley was also named as GPEI’s Coach of the Year in 2016.

Competitive Program Coaches:

Janice Hicks
-former National level athlete with over 15 years coaching experience
-fully certified NCCP Level 3 Women’s and NCCP level 1 Trampoline
-member of the Women’s Technical Committee
-currently coaching advanced competitive girls 
 Janet Duval
 -over 20 years coaching experience, former Head Coach in BC
-fully certified NCCP Level 3 Women’s and NCCP Level 2 Men’s and Trampoline
-National Level judge 
Natalie Haddad
Sara MacDonald
Jordan Bureau
Jaime Lynn Sutton
Dara MacInnis
Paige Mills
Emma Christensen