The Island Gymnastics Academy’s Women’s Competitive Program has delivered excellence for over 30 years, preparing gymnasts for all levels of provincial, regional and national competition.  Our gymnasts have represented the Academy at meets across Canada, the U.S. and as far away as Japan.

 We have classes designed for all levels ranging from our pre-competitive 6 hours/week girls to our national stream group training 20 hours per week.

 The pre-competitive program focuses on developing the necessary strength, flexibility, endurance and technique required for advanced gymnastics. Entry to the program is by coach recommendation and assessment.

 Our competitive program requires tremendous commitment and hard work from our athletes and involves rigorous physical conditioning, apparatus training and a specialized dance program.

 Our highly trained and experienced coaching staff boasts the highest level of certification and education in the region and we strive to continually upgrade our expertise through professional development. Programs are focused on preparing gymnasts to excel in competition while at the same time achieving personal goals. Focusing on athlete wellness, ensuring safe and qualified instruction, and developing the individual potential of our gymnasts are the keys to our success.

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