The boys recreation program is an introductory program that teaches the basics of Men’s artistic gymnastics.  The goal of the program is to offer a FUN experience that teaches physical FITNESS, through the implementation of basic gymnastic FUNDAMENTALS.

The classes are divided into sub groups by school grade.  These categories are grades K-2, and grades 3-6.  Each group will have a maximum of 8:1 athlete to coach ratio.  All of the boys recreation coaches are current or past members of the Competitive team at the Island Gymnastics Academy, and have extensive experience being involved in gymnastics.

Our program focuses on eight different disciplines: all six olympic gymnastic events (Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar),  as well as trampoline and physical conditioning.  Athletes will devote time to each area.  We implement a skills testing program that evaluates, and oversees basic progressions from level to level, and allows for tangible, measurable progress to be made, and documented through continued involvement in the program.

Our boys recreation program is a great way to introduce basic exercise, and physical activity in a structured environment with lots of fun activities.

We will also be offering a parkour class this year.  Parkour is all about moving efficiently and creatively through space. It’s a great way to keep fit while developing balance, power and acrobatics in a safe environment while keeping things fun and playful.