Our regular staff/instructors have a minimum of NCCP Level l Gymnastic coaching training. All coaches are supervised by the Program Director and Pre-School supervisor. Their development is monitored through an on-going process in coaching direction and education.

Girls Recreation Director:  Shelley Ferguson

Boys Recreation Director:  Janet Duval

 Recreation Coaches:

Patricia Arreguin,  Courtney Anderson, Sara MacDonald, Catherine Krus, Natalie Haddad, Clare Murphy, Tessa McGuigan, Simon Burns, Jenny Campbell, Janet Duval

Pre-School Director: Nancy Ripley

Pre-school Coaches:

Patricia Arreguin, Catherine Krus, Jenny Campbell, Natalie Haddad

Boys Program Director: Jim Rand

Boys Competitive Coaches:

C.J. Keliher, Grant Dever, Scott Chandler

Girls Program Coordinator: Sharon Gareau

 Girls Competitive Coaches:

Shelley Ferguson, Janice Hicks, C.J. Keliher, Janet Duval, Sara MacDonald, Courtney Anderson, Grant Dever