Our preschool program is The Multi-Movement Approach to Preschool Gymnastics developed by Gymnastics Canada. We use a progressive three level system, beginning with a program for children ages 1-3 and finishing with a more intensive program for 4-5 year olds.  All programs are child-centered emphasizing Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals.  Activities are age-appropriate and teaching styles are appropriate to the learning styles and stages of the children.  Keeping pre school gymnastics fun, warm, loving and “low key” allows every child to be successful.


The program is designed to develop a child’s self confidence, and trust and security in his relationship with the instructor.  Activities are broken into easily mastered skills thereby helping the child gain confidence.  The program also helps develop listening skills, self discipline and respect for coaches and other children through interaction with children and adults. And finally, our program develops balance, flexibility, strength, agility and coordination.


Through lesson plan themes, we incorporate the 9 areas of fundamental movement for all sport and activity. They are:  Landings, Stationary, Locomotion, Swing, spring, Rotation, Rhythm and Dance, Receiving (i.e. catching etc.) and Projecting (throwing, kicking etc.) Your child will explore all areas and apparatus in the gym, make use of hand held equipment (balls, ribbons, beanbags, etc.) and be introduced to group activities through music and games.

Our Bouncing Babies program is for toddlers (walking) up to 3 years old accompanied by a parent/caregiver.  The 45 minute class allows for time to play, explore and meet new friends.  Tots are encouraged to balance, jump, climb and roll with the help of their parent/caregiver and our certified coach.

Our Kindergym program is for toddlers ages 3- 4 yrs accompanied by adult (mom, dad, grandparent, babysitter etc.). It is basic coordination skills taught through the parent with the instructors’ leadership… using music, games, and fun activities.  Children will be presented the opportunity to explore all gymnastics equipment and possible movement skills through a fun-oriented movement education approach.

Our Tiny Tot program is designed for 4 year olds not accompanied by an adult.  Within the class, children are placed into groups. Instruction is delivered in a fun environment. The class consists of approximately l0 min warm-up, l0 minute segments on two or three apparatus per lesson, time for exploration and basic group work, as well as games and fun learning activities.


  • Siblings in the viewing area must be supervised at all times
  • We are unable to provide for disposal of dirty diapers, be prepared to take them with you
  • In the tiny tot program, only coaches and gymnasts are allowed on the gym floor. Exceptions will be made for new gymnasts experiencing “separation anxiety”. Parents may get permission to be on the gym floor from the supervisor/program director.
  • In the Kindergym program, bucket babies (babies in car seats) or babies in carriers are welcome on the gym floor if you feel confident this will allow you to successfully participant with your child who is taking part in the class.