Island Gymnastics Academy Hosts 3rd Annual Harvest Classic

The Island Gymnastics Academy hosted its 3rd annual Harvest Classic competition Nov 22-23 with a record number of gymnasts. Joining the Academy were clubs from across PEI including the St. Louis Gymnos, Victory Gymnastics, and Summerside Saultos. The event marked the start of the competitive season with many gymnasts achieving the necessary scores to qualify for Team PEI competitions in 2014, including the Atlantic, Eastern and Canadian Championships.

“Every year the popularity of gymnastics in PEI continues to grow and so does our event. Island clubs are thriving and producing many talented athletes.” says Meet Director, Lea Rand.

Novice 2 Winners

Novice 2 Winners

Girl’s Results:

Argo 1: 1st Maggie Campbell, Island Gymnastic, 2nd  Ella MacDougall, Island Gymnastics, 3rd  Katie Gaudet, Island Gymnastics

Tyro 1: 1st Hannah Lawless, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Anikha Greer, Victory Gymnastics, 3rd Mia Stewart, Victory Gymnastics

Novice 1: 1st Shelby Beaton, Victory Gymnastics, 2nd Alyx Hodson, Victory Gymnastics, 3rd Sky Lynn Smith, Summerside Saultos

Argo 2: 1st Sophie Mayne, Island Gymnastics,2nd  Lindsey Smith, Victory Gymnastics, 3rd Ida Christensen, Island Gymnastics

Tyro 2: 1st Rae-Lee MacDonald, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Lauren Rafuse, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Lauren MacDonald, Island Gymnastics

Novice 2: 1st Hannah Murray,Island Gymnastics, 2nd Alyssa Mugridge, Summerside Saultos, 3rd Beatrice Turner, Island Gymnastics

Open 2: 1st Jenny Campbell, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Hannah Williams, Summerside Saultos, 3rd Clare Murphy, Island Gymnastics

Argo 3: 1st Kenzie Myers – Victory Gymnastics

Tyro 3: 1st Emma Christensen, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Bria Gallant, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Jenaya Ross, Island Gymnastics

Novice 3: 1st Alexa McClure, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Alicia Muttart, Island Gymnastics, 3rdEmma Germain, Island Gymnastics

Open 3: 1st Megan Doucette, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Elizabeth McQuaid, Island Gymnastics

Tyro 4: 1st Reese Kelly, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Karisa Quinn, Island Gymnastics

Novice 4: 1st Paige Mills, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Tessa McGuigan, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Selina Mahajer, Island Gymnastics

Open 4: Annika Landry, Island Gymnastics, Natalie Haddad, Island Gymnastics Academy

Level 1 over 12 Winners

Level 1 over 12 Winners

 Boy’s Results:

Level 1under 10: 1st Gabriel Ing, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Ethan Arsenault, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Cory Evers, Summerside Saultos

Level 1 under 12: 1st Ben Davidson, Island Gymnastics

Level 1 over 12: 1st Simon Burns, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Ian McKenna, Island Gymnastics

Level 2 under 10: 1st Trent McClure, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Trent Quinn, Island Gymnastics

Level 3 under 13: 1st Nicholas Handrahan, Summerside Saultos, 2nd Jesse Robertson, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Tanner Clow, Summerside Saultos

Level 3 13 +: 1st Donovan Ching, Island Gymnastics

Level 4 13+: 1st Ryan McKenna, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Paul Gallant, Island Gymnastics

Pre Argo (Elite 3) : 1st Isaac Bourque-Island Gymnastics Academy

National Open: 1st Sam Mallett– Island Gymnastics Academy, 2nd  Blaise Roberts-Island Gymnastics Academy, 3rd Ted Landry, Island Gymnastics

Senior: 1st Matt Gallant-Island Gymnastics Academy




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