Island Gymnastics Academy

Hosts 4th Annual Harvest Classic

The Island Gymnastics Academy hosted its 4th annual Harvest Classic competition on November 21-22.  Clubs from across PEI competed including the St. Louis Gymnos, Victory Gymnastics, and Summerside Saultos. The event marked the start of the competitive season for Island gymnasts.

“Gymnastics in PEI continues to grow. It is great to see such strong participation from Island clubs. PEI keeps producing many talented gymnasts. “says Head Coach, Jim Rand.

Argo 4 winners

Picture is Argo 4 winners: left to right Regan Herlihy, Chloe Arsenault, Lilly Chappell, Charlotte Thompson, Annika Trivers

Girl’s Results:
Argo 4: 1st Charlotte Thompson, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Annika Trivers, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Lilly Chappell, Island Gymnastics
Argo 6: 1st Sophie Mayne, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Lindsay Smith, Victory Gymnastics, 3rd Maia Maclean, Victory Gymnastics
Tyro 6: 1st ,Katie Gaudet, Island Gymnastics, Tied for 2nd Grace Potter & Ida Christensen, Island Gymnastics
Novice 6: 1st Isabella White, Victory Gymnastics, 2nd Mia Stewart, Victory Gymnastics, 3rd Hannah Murray, Island Gymnastics
Open 6: 1st Tori Hogan, St. Louis Gymnos, 2nd Makenzie Arsenault, Summerside Saultos, 3rd Hannah Williams, Summerside Saultos 
Tyro 7: 1st Ashley MacDougall, Summerside Saultos,  2nd Rae-Lee MacDonald, Island Gymnastics
Novice 7: 1st Emma Christensen, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Bria Gallant, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Alyssa Mugridge, Summerside Saultos
Open 7: 1st Clare Murphy, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Emmy Mae MacLeod, Summerside Saultos, 3rd Jenny Campbell, Island Gymnastics
Tyro 8: 1st Jenaya Ross, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Emma MacIntyre, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Reese Kelly, Island Gymnastics
Open 8: 1st Emily Doucette, Island Gymnastics
CPN Aspire: Chloe Cudmore, Victory Gymnastics
CPN Elite: Kenzie Myers, Victory Gymnastics
Boy’s Results:
Level 1: 1st, Cameron Davis, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Ryan Dwyer, Island Gymnastics, 3rd Jack Warren, Island Gymnastics
Level 2: 1st Ethan Arsenault, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Gabriel Ing, Island Gymnastics
Level 3: 1st Jacob Carver, Island Gymnastics, 2nd Trent McClure, Island Gymnastics, 3rd, Baylen Jupp, Island Gymnastics
Level 4 1st, Nick Handrahan, Summerside Saultos, 2nd Tanner Clow, Summerside Saultos
Senior: 1st Scott Chandler, Island Gymnastics Academy

Congratulations to all athletes, coaches, judges and volunteers!!!

Great job everyone!!!

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