Congratulations to the Island Gymnastics Academy girls who competed at the Taiso Cup in Nova Scotia this weekend.


Competition highlights included:

 Argo 4: Charlotte Thompson -4thAA, 3rd bars, 1st on beam and 1st (tie) on floor
              Annika Trivers – 5thAA, 5th (ties) bars, 4th (tie) beam, 5th (tie) floor
 Argo 6: Sophie Mayne – 1stAA, 1st on all four apparatus
             Ella MacDougall – 2nd AA, 4th vault, 2nd bars, 6th beam, 2nd (tie) floor
            Maggie Campbell -6th AA, 3rd vault, 6th bars, 5th beam, 6th floor
            Sadie Lund – 6th vault
 Tyro 6: Grace Potter – 2nd AA, 6th bars, 4th beam, 1st (tie) floor
             Jacquelyn Taylor – 3rd AA, 4th (tie) bars, 2nd beam, 4th floor
            Katie Gaudet – 4th AA, 1st vault, 5th (tie) beam
            Lauren Rafuse – 3rd floor
            Ida Christensen – 2nd vault
            Hannah Lawless – 3rd beam
 Novice 6: Tanisha Tawil -4th AA, 3rd bars
                 Hannah Murray – 4th vault, 5th (tie) beam
 Tyro 7: Rae-Lee MacDonald – 6th AA, 6th vault, 4th beam
 Novice 7: Emma Germain – 4th vault
 Open 7: Sydney Sear – 3rd AA, 5th vault, 4th bars, 3rd (tie) beam, 5th floor
 Novice 8: Alexa McClure – 3rd AA, 5th vault, 3rd bars, 1st beam, 5th floor
                 Bria Gallant – 5th AA, 3rd vault, 5th bars, 3rd beam, 3rd floor

Fantastic Job Girls!!!!!

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