Our gymnasts made us very proud at the Titans Invitational this weekend! We had lots of podium finishes and a great start to the competitive season.

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Argo 4: Solen Trainor 1st on Floor

Tyro 4: Meredith Morgan 3rd All Around

Novice 4: Lexi Schurman 3rd All Around

Tyro 5: Ella Drake 3rd All Around

Argo 6: Victoria Covey 1st All Around

Novice 6: Grace Potter 1st All Around, Ida Christensen 3rd AA

Argo 7: Emma King 1st All Around, Chloe Arsenault 2nd All Around

Tyro 7: Lucy Kirby 1st AA, Lilly Chappell 2nd AA, Charlotte Thompson 3rd AA

Tyro 8: Sophie Mayne 1st All Around

Novice 8: Karisa Quinn 3rd All Around


Level 4 under 12: Ethan Arsenault 1st AA, Trent McClure 2nd AA, Trent Quinn 1st on High Bar

Level 3 under 12: Gabriel Ing 2nd AA, Josh Hammill 3rd AA, Leland Morgan 1st Rings

Elite 2: Jaycob Frank 1st AA, Ryan Dwyer 2nd AA

Level 1 under 8: Elliot Landry 3rd AA

Level 1 under 10: Ben Simpson 1st AA, Ethan Mayne 2nd AA

Level 1 under 12: Kip Morris 1st High Bar

Full Results


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