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Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend at the Victory Valentine!!!

We had some outstanding results!!  A number of girls made qualifying scores, and we came away with some very impressive podium finishes.  Big shout out to Victoria Covey and Solen Trainor who both made their qualifying score for Nationals.

Some notable all-around results (note these are the combined scores where there was more than one group).  Also shout out to those who came away with gold medals in individual events!

JO 1 Argo: 1, Gracie Larter 3. Kenzie Chandler
JO 3 Argo: 3. Brooke Vessey 4. Allie MacPherson
JO 3 Tyro: 3. Chelsie Wright
JO4 Argo: 2. Maddie Stewart
JO4 Tyro: 1. Olivia Ferrell 3. Sadie Hansen
JO5 Tyro: 1. Amelia MacQuarrie
JO6 Tyro: 2. Alexa MacKay
JO6 Novice: 2. Meredith Morgan
JO6 Open: 1. Bailey Burke 2. Lexi Scharman
JO7 Novice/Open: 1. Annika Trivers
JO8 Novice/Open: 1. Chloe Arsenault 3. Gracie Mackenzie
JO9 (11-13 years) 1. Victoria Covey 2. Solen Trainor
JO10 (16-plus): 1. Karisa Quinn

Great Job!!!

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